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Listed below is a chronological overview of additions to the ReefBase database.
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26 Feb 2014
Establishing a Region-wide System of MPAs in Coral Triangle region

The Theme Issue: Establishing a Region-wide System of Marine Protected Areas in the Coral Triangle focuses on describing progress towards achieving MPA commitments under the CTI-CFF, through a partnership of lead national agencies of the CT6 and implementation partners (non-government organizations, multi and bilateral aid agencies, and scientists) and elaborates the issues that need to be addressed and research questions that need to be answered to move the CTMPAS forward.  The papers include an introduction to the Coral Triangle and six papers as follows:

1. Status of MPAs in Coral Triangle Region
2. Overview of the Coral Triangle MPA System Framework and Action Plan
3. Review of data compilation discrepancies for the Coral Triangle Atlas database
4. Cological design principles for the MPAs/MPA networks in the Coral Triangle
5. Linking Food Security with Coral Reefs in the Coral Triangle
6. MPA case studies from each Coral Triangle country

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