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About Reef Fisheries Portal


Coral reef fisheries are chronically and acutely over-fished. Effective management to address this is often hampered by a lack of, or insufficient access to existing information (data, reports, experiences/lessons learned). In addition, decentralized management has in many cases exacerbated this problem due to lack of coordination between agencies. As a result, major investments have been and are being used suboptimal at best because information and outcomes of many studies are not accessible, or are effectively hidden within individual agencies.

The aim of this Reef Fisheries Portal is to provide a single, easy to use, electronic, repository of coral reef fisheries management information that can be used by managers in developing countries. We envision that by providing timely and relevant information as well as a mechanism for sharing information, lessons learned and good practices, this portal will have a positive impact on the quality of timely and relevant coral reef fisheries management decisions.

The main structure and information categories in this portal were defined during a workshop organized by the WorldFish Center and SPC in December 2005. This workshop brought together key experts from various organizations to discuss the information needs of reef fisheries managers and how an information portal would be able to address those needs. For more information about the workshop and outcomes, see:
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