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Dependence on reefs in the Pacific

Pacific island countries and territories are among the most reef-dependent nations in the world, and pressures on reef systems in the region represent significant threats to livelihoods, health, and well-being of coastal communities and national economies. Understanding the nature and extent of dependence on reefs is an important step towards better targeting efforts to reduce the associated vulnerability of reef-dependent people and nations in the Pacific and measuring progress towards this objective.

High quality information about reef dependence can be difficult to locate, partly because of the wide range of ecosystem goods and services that reefs provide, and also because these data are typically presented within background socioeconomic information from individual sites or projects, rather than being the focus of studies or reports.

Provided here is a collection of literature in which aspects of dependence upon reefs and associated resources in the Pacific island countries and territories are measured and described. These types of reef-dependence include reliance on reef-associated fisheries, income and employment (e.g. through fisheries, tourism, aquaculture), livelihoods, nutrition, exports, cultural value, and coastal protection. Included within the collection are peer-reviewed journal articles, institutional technical reports, government reports, conference proceedings, student theses, and unpublished reports. Emphasis is on recent (post-2000) information where possible. ReefBase Pacific will continue to update this collection and improve access to literature on Pacific reef-dependence.

Reef Dependence Types

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