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Highlights - Recommended Readings

The ReefBase Pacific collection contains a huge amount of information relating to coral reefs and associated fisheries resources. Certain literature within this large collection are important to highlight.

A request was sent to a small number of scientists and resource managers who have considerable experience in the management and monitoring of Pacific coral reefs and associated fisheries. Responses to this request identified literature that are considered to be classic, high quality and influential relating to small scale coastal and reef fisheries in the Pacific. The literature identified during this process are those that were viewed as especially informative, have been a catalyst for action and/or effectively consolidate various thinking on a subject.

Provided here is a collated list of the 'ReefBase Pacific Highlights - Recommended Reading'. ReefBase Pacific will continue to update this list and improve availability to this key literature.

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1 . Bell, J. D., M. Kronen, A. Vunisea, W.J. Nash, G, Keeble, A. Demmke, S. Pontifex, S. Andrefouet, 2008
Planning the use of fish for food security in the Pacific
Marine Policy. 13pp.

2 . King, M., 2007
Fisheries biology, assessment and management
Blackwell Publishing. Oxford, England. 382 p.

3 . Zeller, D., S. Booth, G. Davis and D. Pauly, 2007
Re-estimation of small-scale fishery catches for U.S. flag-associated island areas in the western Pacific: the last 50 years
Fishery Bulletin. 105. 266-277.

4 . Foale, S., 2007
Social and economic context of marine resource depletion in Gagil and Maap, Yap State, FSM
Secretariat of the Pacific Reg. Apia, Samoa. 45pp.

5 . King, M.G. , 2004
From mangroves to coral reefs: sea life and marine environments in Pacific Islands
Secretariate of the Pacific Re. Apia, Samoa. 106pp.

6 . Sadovy, Y.J., T. J. Donaldson, T. R. Graham, F. McGilvrey, G. J. Muldon, M. J. Phillips, M. A. Rimmer, A. Smith and B. Yeeting, 2003
While stocks last: the Live Reef food fish trade
Asian Development Bank. Manila, the Phillipines. 169pp.

7 . McCoy, M. and K. Hart , 2002
Community-based coastal marine resources development in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Asian Development Bank. Manila, Phillipines.

8 . Anon., 2002
Regional compendium of fisheries legislation
Forum Fisheries Agency. Honiara.

9 . Johannes, R.E., 2002
The renaissance of community-based marine resource management in Oceania
Annual Review of Ecology and S. 33. 317-340pp.

10 . Novaczek, I. , 2001
A guide to the common edible and medicinal sea plants of the Pacific Islands

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