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Coral Reef MPAs of East Asia and Micronesia


  • Developed Ms Excel workbooks for the MPA Global data for the MPAs of each country in East Asia and Micronesia - any new or addtion MPA information was also included. The Ms Excel workbooks provide a user friendly interface for data entry and update.

  • Reviewed and updated the information about MPAs within East Asia and Micronesia available throught the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA), and also available online on MPA Global.

  • Developed an interactive Coral Reef MPA DVD for distribution among network partners, containing the MPA site data, summary report, GIS map (which includes MPA shapefiles from WDPA), photos and digital publications relevant to MPA and coral reef management.

  • Developed an interactive map showing MPA sites in ReefGIS, ReefBase's online Geographic Information System. This map provides a visual, geographic display of MPAs that have coral reefs ecology. Polygons layer may select visible to display the extent for a number of MPAs.
    See: ReefBase Online GIS, ReefGIS
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