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Here you can get quick access to information on the potential threats to coral reefs as modelled by the Reefs At Risk projects .

Reefs At Risk Projects

Currently, the following Reefs At Risk projects have been completed:

Online Map Reefs at Risk in the Caribbean
The Reefs at Risk in the Caribbean project was launched to help protect and restore valuable, threatened coral reef ecosystems by providing decision-makers and the public with information and tools to manage coastal habitats more effectively. The project focuses on compiling, integrating, and disseminating critical information on these precious resources for the entire Caribbean region.
Online Map 2002: Reefs at risk in Southeast Asia
Highlights the value of coral reefs across the Southeast Asia region, identifies the threats, and shows what will be lost unless current destructive activities are curtailed.
Online Map 1998: Reefs at risk: A map-based indicator of potential threats to the world's coral reefs
The first global assessment of coral reefs to map areas at risk from overfishing, coastal development, and other human activity.
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