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This section in ReefBase provides information on coastal and marine management related issues for countries/territories. Much of the information was taken from various status reports, such as those produced by the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN), as well from UNEP-WCMC's "World Atlas of Coral Reefs". As is the case with many other parts of the database, we are continually adding information to the database as reports become available. Eventually we hope to provide relevant information on all coral reef countries.

Select any of the links below to access information on the management of coastal/marine resources.

This section provides information on the coral reef monitoring activities within a country. Monitoring provides the information basis for assessments of the status of coral reefs, and ultimately for management and conservation decisions.
Protected Areas
This section provides information on the marine protected areas which include coral reefs. Non-coral reef protected areas are beyond the scope of ReefBase, and have been left out.
This section provides information on coral reef related legislation (international, national and at lower administration levels). Legislation provides the jurisdictial framework for management and conservation efforts.
This section provides information on issues related to coral reef research and management capacity within a country.
This section provides information on gaps in e.g. funding or human resources, potentially hampering proper research and/or management of coral reefs.
This section provides lists recommendations for improving research and/or management of coral reef resources, as put forward by experts.
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