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Global Database

The ReefBase Global Database provides country-level data and information, organized in the following categories:

This section provides a general Overview of the country, a description on the location and structure of Coral Reefs, information on the country’s Reef Fish resources and Fisheries, and coastal and marine Biodiverstiy.
How are these resources doing? This section provides country-level information summaries on the status and health of the Coral Reefs and Reef Fish resources, and trends in Fisheries.
This section provides information on the various threats and impacts to coral reefs, which has been organized into the following categories: Natural (e.g. biological infestations or diseases), Human (e.g. over-fishing or coastal development), Climate (e.g. storms or excessive rainfall), and Bleaching (both narrative and quantitative bleaching reports).
This section provides information on coral reef Monitoring activities within a country, Protected Areas with coral reefs, coastal/marine related Legislation, research and management Capacity and Gaps therein, Recommendations to strengthen research and management of coral reef resources.
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