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Online ReefGIS Maps

Location of Coral Reefs Coral Reef Monitoring
Coral Diseases Marine Protected Areas
Coral Bleaching & SST ICRAN Sites
Reefs At Risk Revisited Reefs from Space
Asia Tsunami 2004 Photos
Solomon's Post-disaster 2007

Location of Coral Reefs
Show the coral reefs world wide provided by Millennium Coral Reef Mapping Project, and UNEP-WCMC in different reef structure and geomorphology.

Coral Diseases
Show the occurrences of coral diseases compiled from observations of variety sources, which mainly from UNEP-WCMC Global Coral Disease database.

Coral Bleaching & SST
Show the global observations of coral bleaching occurrences combined with NOAA Coral Reef Watch's satellite monitoring products including Sea Surface Temperature, Degree Heating Weeks, etc.

Reefs At Risk Revisited
Show the potential threats to coral reefs from human activities as modeled by Reefs At Risk Revisited project in global study (2011) and two regional reports, in Southeast Asia (2002) and Caribbean (2004).

Asia Tsunami 2004
Show the epicenter of the earthquake off Indonesia on 26 December 2004, field observations and images on impacts of tsunami to coastal resources.

Solomon's Post-disaster 2007
Show the epicenter of the earthquake off western Solomon Islands on 2nd April 2007, field observations and images on impacts of tsunami to coastal resources.

Coral Reef Monitoring
Show the locations of coral reef monitoring sites, with separate data layers for biological and socioeconomic monitoring, and GCRMN regional nodes.

Marine Protected Areas
Show the MPAs that have coral reefs ecology, located in ReefBase country, between 35N and 35S. Polygons layer may select visible to display the extent for a number of MPAs.

Show the specific sites selected by International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) to serve as "demonstration sites" and "target sites".

Reefs from Space
Show where the collection of NASA Astronaut Photographs taken for coral reefs areas overlaid with 3 optional background global maps.

Show the locations for which ReefBase holds photographs in its photo gallery.

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