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Bleaching Report

Reporting System for Coral Bleaching, Disease, Mortality, and other Community Composition Changes and Issues on a Coral Reef

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Data Entry

This system is provided so that coral reef scientists, managers, divers, and other enthusiasts can report observations of changes on a coral reef that can affect community composition and/or coral health. Changes can include coral bleaching, disease, and/or death. Collecting and maintaining a long-term record of coral reef ecosystem health is critical for improving our understanding of these ecosystems. A long-term record guides coral reef research, assists us in making sound management decisions, and helps us develop effective management decision supporting tools.

This reporting system is intended to assist in a wide variety of management and research activities, which ask many different questions about coral reef ecosystem health and sustainability. We have prepared a questionnaire form for you to fill out. If you use the questionnaire, please enter information to the best of your ability. Note that reporting observations of the absence of bleaching, disease, community composition change, etc. is equally as important as reporting any adverse conditions. Please feel free to limit yourself to the questions that you can answer. Every bit of information is valuable. If you would like to report observations for more than one location, please use as many separate forms as necessary. If you have large datasets that you would like to provide, please email us at reefbase@cgiar.org, and we will send you directions for submitting your data.

Options for submitting your report:
  1. Fill out the online questionnaire.
  2. Download the offline questionnaire, and submit it via e-mail or mail.
  3. Compose your own report and submit it via e-mail or mail.
Your contribution will be made available on the ReefBase web site for free access unless you advise otherwise.

Thank you very much for your help.

The WorldFish Center and NOAA Coral Reef Watch
E-mail address: reefbase@cgiar.org
Mailing address: ReefBase Project Leader
The WorldFish Center
Jalan Batu Maung, Batu Maung
11960 Bayan Lepas, Penang

The reporting system presented here was initially designed in the late 1990’s and maintained by NOAA Coral Reef Watch. As part of a collaborative effort, ReefBase later took over the maintenance of this system and distribution of collected bleaching reports.

Instructions for Bleaching Report
1. Complete a separate Bleaching Report for each occurrence you would like to report on.
2. Enter your answers to the best of your ability - Every bit of information is helpful.

Download offline version

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